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Hotels to stay at in Aruba
Stay at the renissance hotel and go to the dutch pancake house for breakfast. It's great.
RE: Hotels to stay at in Aruba
9/9/10 9:00 PM as a reply to pookie11.
Depending on how long you'll be staying on the island, I recommend staying at one of the time share locations (they will rent out the rooms just like a hotel). It's quite convenient to have a kitchen so you don't feel like you have to eat out for every meal.
RE: Hotels to stay at in Aruba
9/9/10 9:45 PM as a reply to pookie11.
my bro just came back and said the marriot was very good
RE: Hotels to stay at in Aruba
9/10/10 10:59 PM as a reply to pookie11.
suggest you stay in the low rise section (unless you are looking for a super luxurious hotel.
Divi Divi and Tamarijn Beach are sister hotels . They are really kept up well and have been around forever. I think you get a better feel for Aruba by staying at one of these hotels rather than a time share. They are all meals inclusive - however, you can go to any of 4or 5 restaurants at either place. I don't think you are missing much by not eating in town. There are bikes available, a modest health club at
Tamarijn . nice size pools and friendly bars and a diverse group of guests from all over the world. A casino in walking distance.
and an extra added attraction..... a Dunkin Donuts a brisk walk from Divi Divi. The beach there and all along the coast is fantastic.
the only drawback at Divi Divi (when they are busy) you need to get up early to claim a lounge with an umbrella.
RE: Hotels to stay at in Aruba
9/11/10 7:58 AM as a reply to fortlauderdale1.
We stayed at the Divi Divi many years ago and loved it. Now have a Marriott time share and also stay at the hotel to extend our stay.
RE: Hotels to stay at in Aruba
9/11/10 8:04 AM as a reply to pookie11.
Marriott timehsare and the Raddison are beautiful.
If you want a romantic getaway, stay at the Bucuti, on eagle beach.
RE: Hotels to stay at in Aruba
9/11/10 8:25 AM as a reply to jtesta.
Marriott Ocean Club if you like a place with no children/families and like to just chat and have a relaxing time with other people. Marriott Surf Club is where you would go with children and a family - they have a lazy river and wonderful pool area. Never stayed at the Marriott hotel but lobby is smokey due to the casino there.
RE: Hotels to stay at in Aruba
9/11/10 8:53 AM as a reply to pookie11.
We have been to Aruba four times. We started in the hotels but now stay in the timeshares. you can look for timeshare rentals on line also at each hotel that has timeshares you can look on their websites under forums or owner's forums and find timeshares for rent. We look for ones with kitchens to save some money on the restaurants. You can check for great descriptions and reviews of the hotels. We also make sure that we check with the hotel to verify ownership of the timeshare before we send money out. We have never had a problem and found some great places. (We like Casa Del Mar)