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Love JetBlue
Love JetBlue
9/11/10 1:33 AM
I have to agree, I love JetBlue. We went to Punta Cana on vacation and we went with JetBlue and we had such a pleasant flight, the flight attendants were very nice and friendly, they don't nickel and dime you for everything like in the other airlines, and they feed you for FREE. Your first bag is FREE, how great is that, I hope they never change!!!! I hate flying but I feel very comfortable flying with JetBlue!!
RE: Love JetBlue
9/11/10 1:45 AM as a reply to blanca114.
same here just luved buying and flying jetBlue !!!
RE: Love JetBlue
9/11/10 5:41 PM as a reply to blanca114.
#1 Jetblue The best!!
RE: Love JetBlue
9/11/10 7:25 PM as a reply to jcp77.
Love the snacks, tv, comfy seats, and best of all the free luggage check in!
RE: Love JetBlue
9/12/10 10:28 AM as a reply to blanca114.
The first bag free deal is awesome!
RE: Love JetBlue
9/12/10 11:22 PM as a reply to ggrugnale1.
yes, I love JetBlue too! I always get excited when I see that snack basket coming emoticon
RE: Love JetBlue
9/13/10 5:19 AM as a reply to blanca114.
I flew JetBlue for the first time this year and was really impressed. They offer some great fares and the service was fantastic. Had trouble getting my Trueblue miles posted to my account (not JetBlue's fault) but I sent an email and the issue was fixed almost immediately! Great customer service.
RE: Love JetBlue's Customer Service
9/14/10 9:45 AM as a reply to kaycan71.
I love Jet Blue's Customer Service as well! Last year we were in Florida travelling with an older uncle. He became ill and we had to postpone our flight back to New York. Customer Service was so helpful and so understanding it made a potentially difficult situation so much easier for all of us! I hope the great service continues as it is indeed a rare quality to find anywhere nowadays!
RE: Love JetBlue
9/14/10 9:46 AM as a reply to ggrugnale1.
First bag free is just another one of Jet Blue's fantastic offerings! Keep up the good work, Jet Blue! Can't wait to fly again soon!!!
RE: Love JetBlue
9/14/10 12:08 PM as a reply to blanca114.
I love JetBlue too!!! after my first flight with JetBlue I always choose them as my airline to travel. I have never had a problem with JetBlue and I love there true blue program. They always have offers a ways in which you can earn points to help you reach your award flight faster... JetBlue is my favorite airline of choice...I just wished they gave complimentary meals for flights.
RE: Love JetBlue
9/14/10 6:25 PM as a reply to blanca114.
JetBlue is the best!
RE: Love JetBlue
9/16/10 2:01 PM as a reply to utefanshan911.
My husband and I took our first vacation in 8 years. We loved flying JetBlue. Can't wait to do it again!
RE: Love JetBlue
9/16/10 10:40 PM as a reply to blanca114.
I love jetblue because they are reiable. The flights attendants are really funny and always helpful.
RE: Love JetBlue
9/17/10 1:12 PM as a reply to carols1.
I'd also like to add that jetblue customer service has been particularly helpful. My girlfriend and I were scheduled for a flight that got cancelled and when it did, we were bumped to a different flight the next day. Since that wasn't going to work for us, I talked to customer service that liased with the trueblue program (since our flights were partially through trueblue rewards and partially through purchased tickets) and managed to change our flights to different dates and airports that were more convenient, and route us to our final destinations that were also different. It was complicated and took a while but the customer service representative was excellent and made it all happen. I've had far less complicated circumstances with other airlines I fly like United or Delta and trying to work things out with them is like hitting my head against a wall -- and its just impossible. So I will continue to be a loyal jetblue fan (as I have been since 2005) since they continue to outperform all the others in the combination of service, quality, and prices. Thanks Jetblue.