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Logan Jetblue Terminal
Logan Jetblue Terminal
9/27/10 12:34 PM
Jetblue has an AMAZING terminal in JFK.

But they are missing this in Boston.

The Jetblue terminal in Boston is lackluster and tight feeling.

I vote for an upgrade to Jetblue's terminal in Logan, to give it more of the T5 feel in NY!
RE: Logan Jetblue Terminal
9/29/10 1:28 PM as a reply to ris648.
I agree with you, the T5 terminal in JFK is one of the best I've been in. The Boston terminal needs an overhaul. For me, the coolest thing in the T5 terminal is the area where you can recharge your portable devices. In Boston, it's a hunt for an electrical socket.
RE: Logan Jetblue Terminal
10/3/10 3:49 PM as a reply to ris648.
Won't upgrading the terminal mean more costs passed on to passengers through higher airport fees? I'm satisfied that Logan now has free WiFi--you just have to watch a one-minute video ad once per hour--small price to pay. It's true, there aren't many electrical outlets, and when you find one, others are already using it. I just try to charge up my laptop before heading to the airport so I don't need an outlet.

I guess when flying a low-cost airline, I don't expect any perks, such as a nice waiting area at the gate.
RE: Logan Jetblue Terminal
11/1/10 12:18 AM as a reply to ris648.
In my opinion the best palce to grab breakfest is go to the boston beer works.
RE: Logan Jetblue Terminal
11/2/10 12:15 PM as a reply to ris648.
Compared to the JFK terminal, I'm pretty sure ANYTHING is going to look lackluster.

I gotta agree, though, that the Logan terminal, for the volume of traffic/flights it sees on a daily basis, could afford some upgrades. Don't get me wrong, the snack carts/shops and Dunkin Donuts are a nice touch, but I'd love some dining options outside of Boston Beer Works and Johnny Rockets.

Personally, I'd kill (okay, maybe not kill, but do JetBlue's evil bidding) for a Potbelly. emoticon
RE: Logan Jetblue Terminal
7/7/11 12:56 AM as a reply to ris648.
I fly from both Logan and JFK. While I agree that T5 is an amazing terminal, I have never experienced any issues with JB from Logan. It gets the job done!
RE: Logan Jetblue Terminal
7/7/11 9:27 AM as a reply to ris648.
I agree! I just flew from Logan to O'Hare this past week and the difference of the two airport's Jet Blue terminals is crazy!
RE: Logan Jetblue Terminal
10/20/11 7:11 PM as a reply to ris648.
I agree
RE: Logan Jetblue Terminal
12/7/11 7:49 PM as a reply to ris648.
Ever try to get a straightforward answer about anything from MASSPORT, the agency that operates Logan Airport? Problem is you can't, even if you know some contacts within that department. It took MASSPORT 19 years to redevelop and redesign just the plan for Logan and 5 years battling environmental organizations about runway extensions and footprint layouts for the "new" Logan airport. If you walk into terminal "C" what once was "C" and "D" combined, there are still remnants of the old in the baggage claim and arrivals area. Terminal "C" is an eyesore and the pick-up area is so poorly designed that it, being Massachusetts, would cost in the billions for a revamp of just to make it work. The worst aspect of it all is that MASSPORT, to this day, has not addressed the numerous complaints about the carousels in the baggage claim area destroying luggage. Passengers and even the legislature has made this an issue regarding replacing these carousels, dating from the early '70s, but MASSPORT has done nothing about it. Logan airport is one of the worst airports as it refers to a departure or an arrival airport for its overall layout and the attitude of the security services, both state and federal. Try dropping off a family member at any of the terminals there and within 20 seconds you have a Mass State Police officer yelling at you to get the heck out of here. Travelers have posted numerous complaints about this and people have refused to go back and rather fly from PVD because of how customer friendly it is. Logan/MASSPORT mgmt have alot of problems, but they are more concerned about image over substance.