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"Hide" 1000 Points threads
Hi TrueBlue community members, JetBlue staff, newcomers, etc.

As it was clearly stated months ago:

1. Get 1,000 TrueBlue points when you join the TrueBlue Community by 9/16/10

TrueBlue Community enrollment 1,000 point bonus is a onetime bonus awarded upon the successful completion of your TrueBlue Community profile at Bonus points will post to your TrueBlue account by 9/30/10. TrueBlue points are subject to the terms and conditions of the TrueBlue program.

2. Get 1,000 points for contributing 3 posts in the discussion forums by 9/30/10

1,000 point onetime offer for TrueBlue Community members who add 3 qualifying posts to discussion forums between 9/8 - 9/30/10. Qualifying posts are: relevant to the applicable discussion category, follow the guidelines for proper use, and in English. Points will post to your TrueBlue account by 10/14/10. Points are subject to the Terms and Conditions of the TrueBlue program.

Community Guidelines:
TrueBlue terms and conditions:

It is no longer September. It's no longer October, either. Essentially, the opportunity to earn points by signing up and/or contributing to TrueBlue is over. However, people are still posting/replying/asking about earning these points.

My question: is there any way to hide these threads or content related to it? It seems like a lot of late-comers are confused by an offer that is no longer active, especially since members keep talking about it. To avoid the confusion, clutter, and roadblocks to getting to pertinent site content, is there any way to hide, remove, or put aside these threads?

This was a wonderful incentive, and I'm glad so many members were able to take advantage, but it's time to bring the community focus back to travel, not just getting some free points.

Just my two cents.

RE: "Hide" 1000 Points threads
1/7/11 2:30 PM as a reply to agsquared.
I was lured in late by the 1000 point thread. I understand I am not going to get 1000 points but I also think that leaving it up is shady. Jet Blue can regain goodwill by giving 1000 points for every new registrant that has come to the community while the thread remains up and active.
RE: "Hide" 1000 Points threads
3/31/11 6:29 PM as a reply to agsquared.
I agree that leaving the posts up is misleading and generates a lot of junk.

Thanks for a great summary of the rules.