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#$%^&* Expiration
#$%^&* Expiration
5/31/12 10:27 PM
GAH! I REALLY wish JetBlue had SOME sort of notification that points are going to expire! I lost out on 2 years worth of points because of the lack of heads up. Hell I would have even signed up for the AmEx JUST to keep my points if I had been told.

Of course it would be nice if their program also worked like almost EVERY other rewards program that it matters when I EARN points not the flight dates. All of my other rewards programs (BestBuy, Starwood, etc) just care that I keep spending with them so ANY spending activity keeps my points active. JetBlue is the ONLY program where me sitting physically on a flight matters more than the fact that I'm willing to spend money with them.

TrueBlue is behind the times in this regards. Please, please for other customers update your terms & conditions so that if someone is willing to say pay you directly with points, it extends the expiration.

As for me, losing 2 years worth of points by 24 hours was the cherry on top of a terrible JetBlue experience that included both legs (down & up) of my last trip being delayed over an hour, and JetBlue damaging computer equipment I had checked. That is added to the fact that last year's flight I had to deal with rude and surly gate staff. From now on I'll be flying Virgin America to and from SFO.
RE: #$%^&* Expiration
6/6/12 11:48 AM as a reply to thelievense.
Please give us a call at 1-800 JETBLUE (528-2583) and ask to speak with the TrueBlue department. They will be better able to assist you with the details of your account.
RE: #$%^&* Expiration
6/7/12 1:15 AM as a reply to thelievense.

I definitely feel for you. On Sunday I will be losing all my points simply because I have few opportunities to fly in the first place, and it is not advantageous for me to use American Express. I have already gone through one wipe-out before, and I don't want to go through that again!

Also, I would be interested in buying points in sizes of my own choosing (not like 1000, 1500, or 2000 or some other pre-set chunk), but I don't anyone has been able to figure that out. I think that a small size could help us keep our points and our loyalties farther into the future!
RE: #$%^&* Expiration
6/14/12 12:23 PM as a reply to thelievense.
As a member of TrueBlue and an AYCJ member... someone who gets JetBlue surveys constantly... I was also flabberghasted when they wiped my points out. Jet Blue transferred me to the "TrueBlue Desk" and Blaze advised me that they don't return points.. I advised him that I booked a trip about a month later (not knowing that my points were wiped out) but was told "sorry I have been here 10 years and we don't return points." Sad part was that when I booked the flight on Jet blue I did it because of misplaced loyalty... DELTA had a price that was 10 dollars cheaper... I think I am finally learning... So Sad that they have lowered THEIR loyalty.