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Using points to partially pay for flight?

I only have 5,752 points and the flight I want to book costs costs about $240.00 before taxes. Would I be able to get a deduction from the $240.00 if I traded my points in? I tried doing it through the redeem my points method but I don't even have enough for a one way ticket as it costs about 8,100 points, to buy the necessary points would be more then the flight is worth. They expire in less then a month and I would hate to lose them. thanks
RE: Using points to partially pay for flight?
7/12/12 4:14 PM as a reply to babylp315.
If the flight you are lookng at is 8,100 points and you have 5,752 points, you could purchase 2,500 points at currently pricing at $92.18.
Keep in mind that points and prices are subject to change until purchase.
You may also want to consider a JetBlue American Express card to help you reach your points goals faster and prevent your current point from expiring with annual use.
RE: Using points to partially pay for flight?
5/23/13 4:28 PM as a reply to jetblueclarissa.
Thats ridiculous, why cant you just use the points towards the cost of the flight and pay the difference wIth dollars?
RE: Using points to partially pay for flight?
5/25/13 9:50 AM as a reply to arod75.
Currently JetBlue does not have the ability to split a ticket using both points and dollars. However if you are looking at a round trip, it is possible that you might have enough points for one way of your flight. You could then use points on one leg of the flight and pay for the other leg. You would have two separate confirmations and a round trip. I hope this helps in your decision to travel with JetBlue.

We look forward to welcoming you on board soon. emoticon