Make a point (or 3) to shop Amazon. Now, Get your Amazon fix and 3 TrueBlue points for every eligible dollar spent! Just shop at home (or at the office - we won't tell) with the unique JetBlue Link, or inflight with our free Fly-fi. Terms apply.

Offer expires 3/26/18.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I earn TrueBlue points when I shop at

It's easy! You can earn 3 points per eligible dollar spent by clicking on your unique link above, which will prompt you to sign in to your TrueBlue account and bring you to the homepage. Only items added to your cart within 24 hours of clicking the unique link are eligible to earn TrueBlue points. This offer is not valid when using the Amazon mobile app. When shopping with your mobile device, please ensure you are shopping on through a web browser.

*Note that cookies must be enabled in your browser for you to earn TrueBlue points

What if I already purchased an item on and didn't add my TrueBlue number?

Unfortunately, purchases made outside of signing in to your TrueBlue account on Fly-Fi or accessing the offer through the TrueBlue website are not be eligible to earn points.

When can I expect my TrueBlue points to be credited to my account?

Please allow at least 30 days after your purchase has shipped for the points to be posted to your TrueBlue account. If you have not received your points, please contact TrueBlue support.

Do I need to be a TrueBlue member in order to earn TrueBlue points when I make a purchase on Amazon?

Yes. If you are not a TrueBlue member, you can join TrueBlue now.

What products are excluded from earning points?

  • Any product or service sold on a site linked to from the Amazon Site (e.g., a product or service listed through our "Product Ads" program or sold on a site linked to from a banner ad, sponsored link, or other link displayed on the Amazon Site);
  • Any wireless service plan offered through the Amazon Site and not sold or fulfilled by Amazon;
  • Any product, including games and other applications, sold through the Amazon Appstore for Android;
  • Any product sold on;
  • Restaurant takeout;
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • Any alcoholic beverage product;
  • Any digital Kindle product purchased as a subscription (e.g., Kindle newspaper subscriptions, magazine subscriptions, blog subscriptions, etc.);
  • Any free trial subscription
  • Any purchases made through an Amazon Business Account

Is it more expensive to shop on Amazon via Fly-Fi or through the TrueBlue website?

No. You'll pay the same prices as shopping directly with Amazon (so you won't miss out on any of their special offers),—AND you'll have the added benefit of building up TrueBlue points that can be used for travel!

How do I know how many TrueBlue points I'll earn?

You will earn 3x TrueBlue points per $1 spent while shopping on

Will I earn TrueBlue points for postage/handling or tax included in my transaction?

No, TrueBlue points are not calculated on postage/handling or tax.

What happens if I cancel a purchase I've made or want a refund?

You can cancel purchases and get a refund in the usual way that you would do so directly with the retailer. However, please note that the TrueBlue points will be removed from your account for any cancelled or refunded sales.

Can I use my TrueBlue points to purchase products directly from Amazon?

No, you can only earn TrueBlue points by shopping at Amazon. View more information on how to redeem your points through the TrueBlue program

Are my personal details safe?

Fly-Fi uses a publicly accessible wireless network and all internet data (transmitted or received) can be monitored and/or intercepted. Fly-Fi secures payment information through HTTPS and SSL encryption technologies and secures login information through strong encryption. Fly-Fi also blocks various types of traffic that JetBlue considers to be potentially content or security risks.

Can I earn TrueBlue points on Amazon if I live outside the U.S. and Canada?

Customers who are able to access are eligible to earn TrueBlue points after clicking on their unique link above and signing in to their TrueBlue account.

Terms & Conditions

Offer expires 3/26/18.
In order to earn TrueBlue points for shopping on Amazon, you need to sign into your TrueBlue account and use your unique link. Once signed in, you can earn 3 TrueBlue points for every $1 spent on Amazon on any eligible item. To see list of items excluded from earning points see above. Points will be posted at least 30 days after the item is shipped.